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With commentary in English, Spanish, and Japanese, the new edition of,” The Art and Magic of the Mask” offers within a single volume, 178 pages in full color. Featuring a brief biography of the great craftsmen in the manufacturing of classic masks, such as: The Lopez family, Martinez, Romero Brothers, Bucio , Alajandro Rodriguez, and now Alfredo Hernandez, “La Furia”, and Rolling.

Included with this information are many photographs of authentic masks from the 1960’s to the 1990’s, used by the greatest figures on Lucha Libre.

In addition, you can order all the magazines from the first edition (released in 2015), featuring Lopez, Martinez, Bucio, Alejandro Rodriguez, and Romero. Only available at the store.

We are now taking orders for “The Art and Magic of the Mask” at our online Store.

All six issues

[NEW]2017 Mexico Luchalibre $50 178pges

: 2015 Puebla/Alejandro     $25.00        48 pages
: 2015 Lopez Family           $25.00        48 pages
: 2015 Martinez  Factory $25.00       48 pages
: 2015 Romero Brothers $25.00        48 pages
: 2015 Bucio Family            $23.00       44 pages
: 2015 Complete 5 Book set $110.00

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